Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Finally...some quilting

Finally, after what feels like forever, I am working on a quilt!  This is going to be a gift for a young woman who will be starting college in the fall.  Her mother is a lifelong friend and my mother babysat her for years.  Feels good to have my machine running on a personal quilt.  A few customer ones in the wings too so hopefully the hum of my machine will be heard all week!
Unfortunately, I skipped running this morning to get myself motivated to quilt.  I am planning a trip to the gym this afternoon though.  Treadmill and swimming will make up for my laziness!
Hundreds of other projects calling my name...maybe I can manage to stay focused long enough to get to them!


  1. Such a pretty quilt...it will be loved for sure...hugs, Julierose

  2. Very pretty quilt. She will love it!

  3. It is a great quilt. Hope you enjoyed the swimming ;-)



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