Monday, September 1, 2014

Catch up

Here is mostly what I have done this summer.  This picture is back in May.  His name is Jack, as you can see. 
Here is what he looks like now.  He is still only about half as big/tall as he is supposed to get. 
This is the most recent quilt finish, and yes, this is the best picture I have.  My mother bound it and it went to a dear friend's daughter for her High School Graduation. 

I have returned to work this year as the Librarian at a High School.  I LOVE IT!
I am still doing long arm quilting on the side.  Just not much of it.
I have not done much running since school started so I seriously need to get back to that!  Jack misses it as much as I do. 
My house is a mess.  We started cleaning the garage yesterday and gave up after about 1 hour, so, obviously we didn't make much progress. 
I seriously need to rearrange and clean out my sewing room too.  I can't even work in there. 
Hope to be making more posts now too.  More projects to show and more running to discuss- that's the goals for this fall.
Hope everyone has a wonderful September!

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  1. And I saw a glimpse of Hawaii Sunset back there :)



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