Sunday, January 18, 2015


I went to the APQS show yesterday with my mom.  We had a lot of fun and saw some amazing quilts.  It pretty much made me want to just come home and throw everything away because I will never be that good of a quilter.  However, what I DID DO was buy more fabric! (UGH!  I am totally failing my goal of not buying fabric!)  -Mostly not at the show, though.  I was very disappointed in the vendors.  I was hoping for a much better selection of fabric.

Here are two of my favorite quilts...

I love the modern wonkiness of this first one.  I could maybe even create something similar to that, and the quilting was fabulous!

However, the quilting on this second one took my breath away.  Look closely- the border is all ocean creatures!  An amazing Octopus in the lower right, jellyfish in the upper left, sea turtles, fish, Just amazing!

I am hoping to do a lot of sewing today but the house is really a mess and I do need to quilt for someone.  Haven't gone running/walking in about a week.  Thank goodness for 3 day weekends!


  1. Hay! I was there, too. I'm sorry I missed the opportunity to meet you alive and in person. That second quilt was probably my favorite at the show. The quilting was AMAZING.

  2. we should have made plans to meet. I didn't even think about it but it would have been lots of fun!



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