Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Here are my RSC blocks for February. 

Ans here they are all together.  I have no idea how I set them together.  I am not even making them a regular size.  I am starting with 6.5 inch squares, sewing them in to half square triangles, then pinwheels, and trimming them up to 11 inches.  I guess, if I decide on a regular pattern, it will have to be with 10 inch squares and I will have to trim them all down to 10.5.  But, if I use just a simple sashing & cornerstone method, they are fine. 

Thinking I will head back up and work on a few Harry Potter blocks and my Snap Shots QAL for this month. 


  1. I like your blocks a lot--I am just going to make my crosses blocks for the rest of the year--doing too many blocks for each color is too much stress for me and for my poor hand. I don't have to rotary cut my 2.5" squares as I have a GO!BABY die do that for me. Today I cut a few yellows--very paltry selection as I don't do yellow much--but it'll have to do. Hope you are staying warm and cozy this long Winter hugs, Julierose

    1. I have thought about getting a go cutter. Last week my wrist was killing me because of rotary cutting. I started those blocks last year and only got 1 made. I am trying to stick to it this year. My scrap bin is overflowing but all of it is really small pieces. I may end up just tossing it.

  2. No need to stick with a regular size as long as they are all the same, it will work out great. Love how they look together.

  3. Great blocks. It's all going to work out the size you are using. Great job!

  4. Those String-y Pinwheels look like they are going to make a really FUN quilt!!

  5. They look cool - thats all that counts lol

  6. Who says blocks have to be a particular size? They all work and look great in a quilt.

  7. Love your blocks! It's going to be fun watching you make these blocks in rainbow colors.



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