Saturday, February 28, 2015

More stitching...

Okay, I saw the announcement of yellow and since I was already in that mode...
I didn't have much variety in my yellows but it came out ok.  

I also got my Snap Shots block done, just before February was over!  Yay!

So, here they are together.  I think I am going to LOVE this quilt when it is all finished!

And here is the only HP block I finished today.  Can you see the shimmery fabric for the Invisible Book of Invisibility?

We had about 6 inches of snow as of around 10 am.  It is almost all melted now and, so, we just have a wet mess.  Gotta love winter in the desert. 


  1. My yellows are pretty scarce, too; not a fave color for me. Your block came out lovely...hugs, Julierose

  2. So bright and happy in yellow. Glad you found some fabric to use.



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