Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekend progress

Here is a block I made today.  The quill was "fun" to get lined up, as you can see. 

I got this one done today also.  I am not sure why the tea cup is a little wonky but I am going to live with it. 

Here is the block I worked on yesterday.  Actually I was working on it from 2-4 am on Saturday morning.  Couldn't sleep. 

I am having a lot of fun with this quilt but it takes up a lot of quilting time.
I did make a little progress on my Orca Bay but nothing to show. 

I am re-reading the first Harry Potter book- inspired to do so with the start of this quilt.  When my husband say me reading it, he suggested we re-watch all the movies so we have watched the first four in the past week.  My daughter was very excited to join us in watching them again! 
I am not sure I can watch the Umbrage one again though...

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  1. Great books and movies...the quilt is going to be awesome too!



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