Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weekly check in

Today I decided to bring a UFO out and see where I was as far as progress...
It seems a mess is pretty much what I have.  Anyone recognize it?
Yep, its Orca Bay from years ago when Bonnie did it as her Mystery Quilt. 
These were almost finished so I sewed the last row on the few that remained but then, when I counted, I am short one of each color, so I will have to get those 2 blocks together at some point.
Here is my progress after about 3 hours of sewing little units as leaders and enders while trying to get some of the rows together as well.  Those rows have come out really wonky.  Hope they go together smoothly. 
Now I remember why I put this quilt away in the first takes FOREVER to get all those little pieces together!!!!!
NO progress made on the Harry Potter book shelf other than to print the next couple of foundations. 
Now, if I want my family to be able to eat this week, I have to stop and go grocery shopping-my least favorite weekend activity!
Hoping to have an Orca Bay flimsy by the end of February.  We will see if I can keep up the momentum with it. 

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