Sunday, April 19, 2015


So much going on lately...
I grabbed a few minutes on Friday night to throw together a scrappy pouch...
They are so easy!  I need to pick up some more zippers!

Last week my daughter went to prom...
This week:
She played Kala (Tarzan's Gorilla mom) in the Musical version of Tarzan.  She had 6 songs and did an awesome job!  She also designed most of the makeup, remade a spider costume, created props, painted the butterfly masks, and helped with hair and makeup, not to mention general tech crewing.  I am not sure that she has eaten since prom night though. 
Today she has a piano recital and then we have to focus on getting her SAT and ACT scheduled, voice lessons set up for this summer and get her packed for a choir competition trip next week.  Whew!
Kala and Kerchak- they had great stage chemistry and very believable "disagreements".  They performed beautifully!

And my son has finally found a basketball team that practices close to home so I am very excited to be watching him play again!
So, you can see, there is no time for quilting...


  1. I so love making those zipper bags, yours turned out wonderfully!

  2. Talented kids!!! I did musical theater too. Your daughter has spark. LeeAnna



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