Sunday, April 5, 2015

Travel Blankets

Here is my daughter's travel blanket, all finished and ready to go to California with her later this month, then on to Europe this summer.  She loves Marvel Comics and, especially, captain America-yes, I did some fussy cutting.

First, I cut two pockets one about 18 inches square and the other about 18 X 16.  Then did a quick 1 fold over hem on the top of each.
I just stitched it down with a long stitch & my walking foot.
Then I sewed the smaller pocket to the larger pocket front as pictured here.  Then the larger pocket gets sewn, right sides together to the blanket.  Fold the blanket, and the tuck it into the pocket by turning it right side out with the blanket in the inside.  Then the pillow goes in the outside/smaller pocket, all held together with a loop of elastic that was sewn to the inside upper edge of the smaller pocket.  Then the elastic loop just slips over the handle of your suitcase.
I made one for each of us.  The kids got theirs in their Easter Buckets this morning...
Here is mine with a neck pillow in the front pocket instead of a rectangular pillow like the kids.  I had to make the pocket deeper to accommodate the pillow. 

I also did some embroidery on the front of mine and my husbands which is not pictured here.  His is purple and has a Coat of Arms embroidered on it. 
Here is mine on the suitcase handle.  Try to ignore the messy cabinet behind- it houses my son's gaming console and is always a mess.

I am really excited about how they turned out.  I think my family is a little less enthusiastic, as they always are with my creations but I think they will be happy to have them on our overnight flight to Europe this summer.

My daughter was very appreciative of how cuddly hers is. 

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