Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday Stitching

I basically locked myself in the sewing room today.  Turned on the 80s tunes and jammed. 
I cranked out these 9 BlockLotto blocks, using my Tri-Rec rulers.  It went smoother than I thought it would.  I only made two mistakes the whole time!
Here are some of them up close.  I am amazed that the points all look great!  YAY!

I also worked on my Oklahoma Back Roads quilt, hoping to get the top put together.  I thought I had all the blocks sewn together.  However, after sewing lots of rows, I found that I was three rows short!  That's 30 blocks!  What happened to 30 of my blocks???  I started making them after searching for them with no luck.  I am pretty sure they are hiding in a corner of my sewing room somewhere but I couldn't find them.  No top finished today after all, darn-it!

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