Saturday, September 26, 2015


Some late night learning...
Ok, so its not fabulous but it is ok and that is good enough. 
The teachers at my school have all decided to dress up as a Harry Potter characters for Halloween.  Being the librarian, I can't skip out on a book/movie themed plan, so, I decided I wanted to be Mrs. Weasley.  I love her!
So, in searching for ideas for my costume, I came a cross these pictures...

YES!  That is the perfect costume!  I LOVE that sweater.  I knew I would not be able to buy one from a store so I started looking on ETSY.  You definitely can buy one on ETSY to the tune of about $400 and the time for the person to make it.  So, I decided it was past time for me to learn this crochet stuff.  I have yet to finish a crochet project that I have started!
My husband just kinda laughed at me when I said I was ordering the pattern from 

Not only do I have to finish the sweater by October 30th to wear to school, I also have to make me one of those fabulous aprons! And wash it about 50 times to make it look worn out :) 

I am still wondering if I will get a wig or if Mrs. Weasley will have a nice short haircut.  My hair is currently about that color- a little more brown, but it is short.  I will have to think about that one because I do not like wigs!

I bought the fabric for my Oklahoma Backroads border today.  Maybe you will see a picture of the flimsy soon...

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