Saturday, November 28, 2015

Catch Up

I am catching up on blogs today.  I am so far behind, have done NO SEWING and almost no crochet.  However, I have lost 25 pounds since August, so that is something...
Here is what is happening around our house in the last few days.

Jack stakes his claim in front of the Christmas Tree before it is even decorated.  Last year we only had 2 very small trees, up on top of the piano because he was a puppy.

The tree gets some completely unbreakable (Except for the Angel) decorations in case Jack decides to topple the whole thing.

Last year's purchased manger scene decs the doll quilt...

The Nutcracker collection marches out...
The small tree on the piano holds the treasured can't do without ornaments- lovebirds through out the years- I try to get one for us every year but they are sometimes hard to find- and some special family ones.  Safe from the bull like poodle.

I can't believe it is already that time of year again.  I have been very un-crafty this year so there won't be many, if any, handmade gifts this year.  Perhaps next year will be better.  The trick will be getting my sewing room cleaned out enough for me to get in the door.

I still need to finish that Halloween costume sweater I have been working on...

Happy sewing everyone,


  1. Oh what lovely settings for your Holiday Decorations!! i love that little manger set--today ( am getting my stuff out. Just a little tabletop tree for us this year and my manger set that my Dad made .
    AND to have lost TWENTY-FIVE pounds is such an achievement!! Good for you-keep it up--you get a h u g e gold star.....hugs, Julierose P.S. jack is so cute....
    waiting for Santa to bring treats lol

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Julie! I do intend to keep it up, but I will be thrilled if I DO NOT gain over the Holidays!



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