Friday, March 19, 2010


I couldn't sleep last night so I worked in my sewing room.  I couldn't sew though- that would have woken the family.  Here is what I did...
The owl is a quilt I have had the pattern and fabric waiting for a long time.  Got it fused last night.  The first stack, from left to Right, is a quilt that my Grandmother hand pieced from polyester squares.   I am backing it with the brown flannel, just laying on top of it, and then passing it on to my Mom so she can "tie" it with a huge selection of buttons. 
The brown fabric on top of that has little owls on it and will be the border for my owl when I get it ready.  There is also the makings of a spring wall quilt in the plastic bag that was started last year! 

The middle stack, including the stack of blocks in front of it, are the quilts in progress made from my block lotto winnings in January.  There is a quilt for my son that just needs the borders added and then I can sandwich it etc.  The stack of blocks are for my daughter.  They need to be trimmed up and put together.

The third stack is all quilts that just need to be sandwiched and quilted-I think there is six there.  On the very top of that is a small quilt that just needs to be bound. 

Here is the red and black quilt for my son.  I wanted to do some fancy free motion quilting on it but have put it off too long because it is just so hard to do on my small machine with a bed size quilt.  So, I decided to forget the free motion and just get it done so that he can use it before he is 40!

Here you can see the YELLOW backing he chose.  We were in the quilt shop and I chose a couple reds and blacks to show him.  I didn't really like any of them.  I told him to decide.  He walked right past the chosen pieces to this yellow dalmatian fabric beside me on the shelf and said, very decisively, "I want this one."  I thought about saying No, that it had to be red or black.  Then I remembered, he is 9 years old, this is his quilt, and it will probably be the last time he chooses a fabric with puppy dogs on it.  Who cares if it is yellow?  It will be on the back and it is what he wants.  So, I got it. 

I hope to have this finished soon.  I will have to head to the store for binding fabric...darn!

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  1. Love the daugher likes owls, so I need to make one for her.



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