Friday, July 9, 2010

Anniversary Stars

Here is my progress so far-that's right, I only got 4 blocks done today.  46 more to go!!!!
You can get an idea of my plan by looking at the design wall here.  those stars on the left will be the center of the quilt then framed with the 9 patches and then 2 rows of the larger stars all the way around.  I may finish it off with another 9 patch-this time including the white and then a white border??
I am calling this quilt "Anniversary Stars"-in hopes of getting the top finished by my 15th anniversary which is next week. 
I will probably send it off to be quilted.  I hate wrestling with large quilts on my little aurora, even with the stitch regulator.  oh, if I only had a big quilting machine...


  1. Just wanted to say "Hello" after seeing your comment to our mutual friend Bonnie Hunter. 8-)) Enjoy your weekend, and keep stretching between 20-minutes sewing times! I KNOW! 8-))



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