Friday, July 9, 2010


Okay, you are about to see how quickly and easily I crack under pressure...
yes, this is new fabric and the month is not even half over.  It s a long story so here goes...

This quilt has been in my closet on and off for at least the past 11 years-yes, it is older than my son.

It was supposed to be a double wedding ring that is done using foundation piecing.  It is one of the major reasons I DO NOT DO FOUNDATION PIECING!!

So, after 11 years and only 6 blocks finished towards a king size quilt, I decided it was time to do something different. 

So, I took the corner pieces that I had made a lot of and rethought my design. 

This is now what I have which will be the center of my quilt.  It will be 4 by 5 blocks.  Then I will edge that with 9 patches of just the colored fabrics-all purple and blue.  Then I plan on making the following block...

Sunlight and Shadow from

Yes, you are reading my note correctly-I need to make 50 BLOCKS!  I have a huge bed!

Thankfully I was able to pick up some of the old fabrics- they still had the same ones after 11 years????  And of course I had to mix in some new ones but I do not think it will be a problem.  It already looks very scrappy.

After an hour and 30 minutes this morning, I have ironed the fabric and cut out 300 color, 300 white 3.5 inch squares and 200 of each 3 7/8" squares and then cut these into triangles.  Here I am, all prepared...

I should use this as a leaders and enders project but I want it done faster than that-and it allows me to successfully avoid binding my daughter's quilt-Can you tell that binding is NOT my favorite part????

So, I did some laundry and had my second breakfast-thirdsies will come later- and so now I can go back to the sewing room, right?

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  1. Well, GOOD FOR YOU to pull out an old UFO and make some progress!!!! And way to adjust the design so that it will actually be a FINISH! I'll be following your progress



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