Sunday, July 4, 2010

Banned from sewing

My husband has banned me from the sewing machine today-because my back hurts so much that I can barely stand up-I have been doing A LOT of sewing lately and it is getting me right between the shoulders.  It is killing me not to put the binding on my daughter's quilt that I finished quilting yesterday but I will try to do as he said today. 

Happy Independence Day!


  1. a day off every now-n-then DOES bring on the guilt feelings (amongst other feelings), but.....a day off is also very important from time to time. We both had something in common (IF you did indeed stay away from your sewing machine!)

  2. yes, it was a big help for my back and I am a bit obsessed this summer-need to enjoy summer before school starts again - only 1 more month!



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