Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Yesterday I was still banned from sewing so instead we went on a wild adventure-to the Rio Grande Zoo.
this sweet little toddler captured our attention for quite a while.  She is 20 months old and just sooooooo cute!

There were plenty of babies there...

This is a baby Takin

Baby Hippo with friends-probably one of them is mom-the one they are resting on????

the baby zebra was not showing his face so here are the grown ups

This is as close as I will ever get to Australia-and the quilt blogs I read from all those great Australian quilters!

But this morning I finished up my block lotto fireworks for this month.

I also worked on a panda bear fabric quilt-just needs the borders now, and I still need to bind my daughter's quilt.  I might get back to that later but now I need to take a break.  The house is in great need of attention and I should consider getting on my exercise machine...

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