Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finish #10!!

When I got done with my parent's quilt, my daughter asked if I would PLEASE bind hers...
So, here it is on her bed.  I think she really likes it!  I was worried but all the marking came out beautifully in the wash. 

I call this quilt "Disco".

Here is a picture to help you see the quilting.  I took her beloved Ed Hardy tennies and traced around them for a template-her foot prints are all over the quilt. 
And here is the zebra stripe binding.  She loves green so we just chose a green sheet for the backing.  It feels very nice.

Though its a bit wild, this quilt is growing on me.


  1. okay, NOW you're just rubbin it in!

  2. Its my turn-your usually the one cranking them out...



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