Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sewing room

A peak into my MESS...

This is the chair I have been using for sewing for the past 7 years-before that it was one with no cushion at all.  You can see Sophie likes it-she is good at keeping my seat warm.

This is my sewing chair as of TODAY!  Drum roll please.....

You can see Sophie came right over to check it out.

Is this for me, Mom?

This is one of the quilts on my wall in my sewing room.  This one was made by a friend and given to me as a wedding gift.

This is one, also in my sewing room, I made and my mom has one just like it but with strawberries instead of watermelons.   

Now, my sewing space is no where near as nice as the ones you all show us out in blog land but I am thrilled to have my own sewing room!  Here are my messy, overflowing shelves...

and here are the plastic drawers, yep, getting messier...

and I am just not going to show you the closet or the boxes under the cutting table.  I am hoping my husband will use some cabinets that we have in storage and make me a taller table -SOON!!!???

And here is my new leaders and enders project.  It is large pieces.  It will be a Mountain Majesty pattern from (delectable mountains).  Bonnie makes it look so easy.  It will be for my husband and I will call it "Brian's Black and Tan".  Those of you who are serious beer aficionados, like my husband is, will know what that is. 

Thanks for taking a peak into my messy sewing world.  Hope to have some progress to show soon.
Happy Quilting!

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