Friday, July 2, 2010

Flimsies and Sandwiches

Here is the flimsy of the French Quarter quilt!


It went together very quickly and easily.

Here is a close up...

Here is that flimsy I mentioned a day or two ago.  It is inspired by Kaffe Fassat (pronounced Kayff-I found out yesterday).  It really is a pretty quilt if a bit wild.  I am using one of the darker fabrics on the back and I will probably use the pattern as the quilting design-which means I can't forget to pin it together from the back!!!!
My daughter likes this quilt.  She asked who it was for and I said ME.:)

I also have 5 quilts ready to sandwich and another 4 ready to make the backing so they can be sandwiched.  This amount of quilting should keep me busy for most of the month I would think.  So, perhaps my attempt at not buying any more fabric this month will turn out okay.  May need bindings though...

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