Thursday, July 1, 2010


This is the piece of fabric I went shopping for today.

 This is what I came home with also -plus two more that aren't pictured. 

Some of these were purchased with projects in mind and some where just too cute to skip. 

I think this quilting thing is a serious illness...

Anyway, I am going to TRY not to buy any more fabric this month if it isn't for binding or backing-which means, I have to work on my UFOs!!!!  You guys need to try to keep me honest, okay?

Here is where I am on the French Quarter quilt.  Soon these will all be sewn into little rows and I will be adding borders-probably a flimsy finish by tomorrow noon. 

Then, I need to get busy putting together some backings and pull out the table that I stole from my mom's garage a few days ago so that I can get some sandwiching done.  I am sure I have no where near enough safety pins for all the flimsies I have ready. 

1 comment:

  1. Whew! You've been busy!!!

    {{stiffling a giggle}}
    And don't feel bad about the "I came home with THIS" fiasco! I think we've ALLLLLL "been-there-done-that" at one time or another!

    I simply need to stay OUT of the shops at all cost!!! ;0) Cuz when I go in to buy something as simple as thread....fabric allllllways seems to end up in my basket too!



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