Thursday, July 1, 2010

flimsy finish

Here is my most recent flimsy finish.  It is a quilt for my daughter.  She loves it.  I think it is too busy.  I should have used fewer fabrics than the pattern called for...

and here is a closeup

my husband seemed to think that the borders helped tame it a bit.

This one is almost a flimsy-three more seams needed.  It was inspired by Kaffee quilts.  I think it is going to be very pretty-and of course it looks lovely next to one of my loyal quilting friends-Sophie.

Here is one I am almost ready to cut out.  I have pulled all of these fabrics from my stash-I am so proud- I still need one 1/3 yard piece of a "red" that will have to be purchased.  This pattern is from the June/July 2010 "Quilt" magazine.  I know, I need a new UFO like I need a hole in my head but I just can't resist new projects. 

These are two UFOs I just pulled out of the drawer.  they are about a year old.  I would have finished them already but couldn't decide if i wanted another border on them or not.  I am thinking that another border will make them too large.  I want them to hang in my living room on the walls that have remained empty since we repainted last summer-just waiting for these two lovelies.  So, I want to get them finished SOON!

And I will leave you today with an image of my faithful quilting companions-Sophie and Tess.  Sophie likes to sit in the window right next to my sewing machine while I go about my stitching.  Tess-afraid of heights-prefers to lay on the floor or the chair where she can keep a close eye on what I am doing.  She would hate for me to disappear to another room without her knowing.  These two know that they are not allowed on the leather couch without a quilt of some kind beneath them.  The one pictured here was made for me by a friend, years ago.  It is time to create a new one for myself because the edges are beginning to fray from me using this one so much. 

Happy July and happy stitching!

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