Thursday, July 22, 2010

Safe Haven#5

Whoo Hoo!  Another safe haven block.  This one was much easier and went smoothly! 

Below are some close ups so you can see the fabrics.  I don't know why the bottom one posted that way instead of horizontally but i couldn't find out how to rotate it. 
And now I am off to the exercise machine!  Not may favorite machine to work with but VERY necessary!
Later, I get to go pick up my backup sewing machine from the shop and drop off my TREADLE SINGER.  Hope the guy can get it working for me!  I can't wait to make a quilt on it and MY HUSBAND even said he wanted to make a quilt with it!  He has only made one other quilt, the pink one pictured behind my title and that was about 12 years ago.  He has hand quilted a few others-he does beautiful work-looks like he has been doing it for years-perfect points and all!  He is great at picking out fabric too!

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