Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back to Safe Haven

When I had pieced all the half square triangles I could stand, I pulled out my Safe Haven BOM that I am working on with a friend.  She will be happy to see me make some progress on it I bet.  Perhaps today was not the best day for me to sew because those wonky mistakes just kept coming...
This is the block that was supposed to be made back in April...great!  more half square triangles! 

Here it is with the other blocks that I have made.

Take a look at my wonky roof.  I just totally did not pay attention to that.

I did, however, work very hard on getting this stripe to all be going the same way.  That top left hand piece with the leaf messed me all up and after that, I just gave up on those top and bottom strips-they were already cut so I used them. 

This is what 2 days of training on RTI (those of you who are educators will know what that is...) will do to my quilters brain.

Off to cook a birthday dinner for my son and all the family that are coming over to join in the celebration!

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