Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Celebrations

 Christmas dessert-a stack of cream puffs held together with sugar-it has a wonderful french name that I will never be able to spell so I am not going to try!

 Very tired Christmas poodles-it is so hard watching for Santa!

Christmas Eve-we had a wonderful time with family.  Lots of good food, good visiting, and fun-and then of course, lots of beautiful presents!
I received two new pantographs that I am dying to try! 

Hope everyone had a lovely Holiday.  I hope to get some sewing time in tomorrow to have something to show for the new year!

 Here is my sister with her quilt.  I think she really liked it.  I hope so!

 And here are my two main men playing hockey on Christmas day.  It was definitely a hockey holiday for my son. Hockey gear, hockey video game-this year's version, Hockey shirts...

For my daughter it was English Riding gear.  I am sure you will be seeing pictures of that soon too!

Can't wait to get started on some sewing for the New Year!

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