Saturday, January 29, 2011

Here are the pictures of our re-en-actors from my Colonial Williamsburg workshop last week.  The first, a slave petitioner who sent a letter to the Bishop of England to plead for his help in freeing christian slaves, second, Anas Todkill, a man that traveled with John Smith, and third, a surveyor in Virginia Colony.  These men were amazing actors and excellent teachers.  Wish I could bring them in to my classroom.  Wish you all could have been there to see them.  I encourage everyone to plan a trip to Williamsburg and Jamestown in the future to witness the excellent re-enacting of history.  My family and I will be attending in the not so distant future.

Just another inspiration to get to work on my reproduction fabric quilts! 
Have a lot scheduled this weekend though.  Not sure what will be getting accomplished on the quilt front. 
It is almost time for my February miniature tutorial though.  Guess I better get the last step finished on that!
Happy stitching,

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