Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another day off tomorrow

Record low temperatures are making me a very happy quilter right now.  As soon as I got the message that school is closed again tomorrow, I ran up to iron the fabric for a baby quilt I need to get started on.  And, in true quilter fashion, I did not come back down until I had 8 of these babies done...
I am so excited!  I think they came out so cute!!!
Here is the story...
I found some really cute fabric the other day that is blue with rockets all over it.  I had to have it since I have 4 babies arriving this spring-no, not here, with 4 different family members and friends. 
Then I remembered, I have a rocket pattern somewhere in my mess of patterns-yes I am a packrat!  I found the pattern-it was from the Quiltmaker's All Time Favorites from Spring of 2001!  But, it was a 12 inch block and I only wanted 6 inch blocks so I got out my trusty graph paper-no EQ7 here, though I am thinking about it...

This is what I came up with.  You will notice that I planned a flat topped flying goose at the bottom but my measurements did not work out-so I got a pointed one-but I am happy with it. 

What a great quilting day it has been.  I plan on quilting all day tomorrow too-though I probably should slip some grading in too since progress reports go home Friday-if it ever warms up enough to go back to school...

Shoot for the moon!

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