Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Mystery...

Ok, I did end up taking a sick day today but not because of Lizzie.  I did come to my senses and decide I actually needed to have a time scheduled for the guy to come take a look at her before I took off work.  But then my daughter spent the night repeatedly losing the contents of her stomach, so, sick day it is.  She is sleeping in the chair, cuddled under a quilt of course, which means I can clean house or do any other of the hundreds of tasks that need to be done...OR I CAN QUILT!

So, I am thinking about another mystery, I got the idea here  ( I know, not so much of a mystery now, huh?) Wouldn't this be fun to do at a local quilt shop- I would love to start a mystery group! So, I am going to do one here.  My blocks will be lots bigger though (I think) and I think i might cut it a few more times then they did. 

Any one want to sew along with me?

For this one, think COLLECTIONS.  You will need some focus fabrics and then some tone on tone ones to match.  I have a bunch of different fabrics with owls on it for example, or how about those orientals you have been saving?  Anyone have a Kaffe Fassat (like they used in the link above) bundle waiting to be cut? Quilt of Valor Red, White and Blues?  Childrens' Eye Spy?

This will be a quick and easy quilt- we could even get it done by Christmas if need be. 

Off to gather my fabrics and then I will show you what I chose.

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