Monday, November 28, 2011

Tahiti in December

Here I stacked four blocks(see previous post for instructions) on top of each other.
Then I line my ruler up with the edge of the inside square to cut 2.5" into it-see below. 
Cut all the way across the block.
Then you line up an adjacent side on the 2" line and cut all the way across. Look closely at this picture. 
Do not move the orientation of your pieces but each stack needs to be rearranged.  the first stack leave alone as I did in the bottom left corner.  Top left corner stack, take the top piece and put it on the bottom of the stack in the same orientation. 

The next stack-upper right, put the top 2 pieces on the bottom of its pile.  the last stack- lower right take the top 3 pieces and put them on the bottom of the stack.
All of this without rearranging the order!!!!!

Now, sew the back together into a block as you have them laid out here.  I like to do one block at a time so that I do not get mixed up about what piece I am on. 
This will give you four unique blocks that look similar to each other. 
Repeat the process with four more blocks and then four more and then four more as many times as you need to in order to get the number of blocks you want.  I am aiming for 20 blocks which should make a lap size quilt. 
Here are my first four blocks.  When i mix them in with other blocks, there will be many more colors but the same focus fabrics in the center. 

I also tried cutting them more times and I did not like the result so I will be sticking with these blocks done in this fashion but with more color varieties. 

Now, the posole is ready for dinner, my husband just arrived home, gotta help my son with his sewing homework after dinner and then I will be back to Tahiti!

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