Wednesday, December 28, 2011

White and Bright UFO

I decided I needed a fresh project to look at-NO, I DID NOT START A NEW QUILT!
This is the White and Bright UFO from the list.  Yesterday they were still just half triangle squares.  They were from a charm block quilt along that I never finished.
So, I grabbed them up and sewed them into pinwheels for this project...
I grabbed this up the other day just for the quilt on the cover.  LOVE IT!
So, after I trim the pinwheels, I will get started on the bar sides.  My pinwheels are larger than the ones in this pattern so I will be figuring out my own measurements.  I have even thought about doing squares rather than bars-not sure yet. 

I picked up a set of trim up rulers (by Quilters Paradise)  yesterday and they are perfect-loving them- but now I need that spinning cutting mat so I don't have to walk around the table. 

But then I was asking myself-Is it really necessary to trim when this is what the waste is???
Now, progress on Orca bay is at a near stand still...
I just can't seem to get step 3 going.  I am thinking about doing squares and sewing on each side of the line rather than cutting these tiny triangles.  Maybe that will get me moving.  I have to go figure out the measurements for that now. 
I am dedicating this day to quilting and laundry so maybe I will make some progress. 
Only 6 more days, after today, and I have to go back to work :(


  1. What happy pinwheels! I hope you find some Orca Bay motivation. It will be nice to go back to school all caught up.

  2. said "school". :) I am getting there, some progress to show soon...

  3. Yes you totally have to take advantage of that time off!!! I am not sure about trimming that block either, it seems so minimal!



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