Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful New Year's Day.
I have done a little bit of visiting with friends and family, a little bit of eating, a tiny bit of sewing and I even took a little New Year's Day nap. 
I only have one day left of vacation so I am trying to live it up a little. 
I wanted to share a picture with you of the lovely "scraps" sent to me from Angela at SoScrappy.  There are some lovely and unexpectedly large pieces in there and lots of pieces of red happiness.  I will certainly be able to use them in many fun projects.  Thanks so much!

I bet most of you have worked on your Orca Bay Mystery-wasn't the reveal lovely????  It will be awhile for me since I still need to do the black wing triangles and ohio star blocks.  I will show my progress as I continue and I will not put it on a shelf. 
I did finish the quilting on my Dad's cowboy quilt.  It just needs binding now so I will have an New Year Finish soon.  I am also making progress on the White and bright scrap quilt so that will be shown soon as well. 
Happy Stitching all the year through!

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  1. Fun Fun scraps to play around with as you move forward into the new year.

    Bonnie's quilt take lots and lots of love to make, don't they? (love being defined as patience, perseverance, and playful....or painfully putzy????) :0)

    Happy New Year! I'm back at school tomorrow (Monday)---enjoy your last day off.



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