Friday, May 25, 2012

Wow!  Life has been crazy but I made it!  It is the first day of summer vacation!
I have quite a mess to clean up around here so that is one of my first goals.
I also have some quilt swaps to get cranked out & mailed before Tuesday- the end of the month deadline.
I ran/walked this morning for about 30 minutes so that is taken care of for the day.
I think I hear my master bathroom screaming to be scrubbed-after I get the laundry started. 
Wednesday night my daughter went to her first formal dance- I wanted to share a picture with you...
Yesterday, she won second place in the school talent show for her beautiful piano playing.  What a wonderful way to end her 8th grade year-last one in Middle School.  She is officially a freshman in High School.  Not sure how she got there from here...

Wasn't this just yesterday?  Man, she loved that dress up hat!

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  1. Sweet picture of the babes! They grow up so fast. Mine are now 31 and 25. We love our empty nest, but sometimes I really miss the old days with kids keeping us running.



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