Monday, July 16, 2012

Can't Sleep...Quilt along!

Because this quilt was rolling around in my head and I had to get up to get it down on paper. 
I am thinking that this would be a super Christmas in July project and it will be super easy.  Also, I have enough Christmas theme fabric that I won't have to go purchase anything-well maybe the borders when I get to that stage...

I call ths quilt "Christmas Packages".  I am going to do this quilt very scrappy and the trees will be wonky, the package blocks cut "free hand"  (without measuring).

SO, want to quilt-a-long with me???
Here is what I will do for the first step tomorrow morning.

Cut the background squares for the trees.  Now, these will be wonky so you will need to have extra fabric for seams and such. 

18  background squares cut 10 1/2 by 10 1/2  -mine will probably be a variety of fabrics.  Layer these with 18 tree layers (a variety of greens) I plan on the blocks finishing at 9 inches but may end up with 9 1/2.  Do the trees first!
Tomorrow I will show you how to cut the trees...


  1. As TEMPTED as I am, I will will will resist your quilt along Andra! I will. I will. The startitis is starting to get under control, and I don't want to see it flare up again :)
    Cute pattern though. Size? Rougly 70x70 if the blocks are 9"?

    1. That's how I felt about joining you in making a Christmas Goose but I ended up starting a new Christmas quilt anyway!
      I hope it is cute when finished! I will see soon I hope.



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