Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And life goes on...

Block giveaways- one is going to Malaysia and the other to Florida!  Very excited about that!

Day 2 of 2013:
I went to bed early last night because I was SO SLEEPY! 
This morning I am trying to get moving.  One dear poodle will be spending the day asleep (even more so than usual) while they clean and extract some teeth.  He is not happy about skipping his breakfast this morning. 

While he is enjoying his rest, I will be quilting a customer quilt, working on a T shirt quilt for another customer, and dreaming of working (maybe this evening) on my Hawaii Sunset or Easy Street ( I am still on clue 4 because I still haven't found a perfect fabric for those squares- maybe now that I have seen the layout...)

I am also preparing for a Beginning Skills Quilting class to be held here in my home on Friday.  I am really looking forward to that!

My Dad is in the hospital awaiting open heart surgery for a triple by pass- that is supposed to happen in the next few days.  Feeling very anxious about that and the long recovery that is ahead of him.  He is in good spirits though and he has always been a tough guy.  Years ago he was hit in the knee with the bucket of a tractor- he was teaching a guy to operate it.  He worked on that broken knee all day before going to the hospital- ended up with pins in it. 

My kids are still home until next Tuesday- and they are loving it- I am too- even if they are teenagers and drive me crazy a lot of the time.  They laugh and goof off with each other- get along really well though they would never admit that- they can also have some vicious battles. 

Everyone is talking about goals for 2013.  I  have so much going on right now, can't really set goals for more yet.  I just know that I have way too many UFOs!
I have also taken on quite a few duties from my 3 quilt guilds for the year.  I think I am going to be one busy lady. 

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