Monday, February 18, 2013

Elephant art...and unfortunate frustration

Caught this at the coffee shop a few days ago.  Isn't it lovely?  If I was an applique quilter, I would get started immediately!  Don't know who the local artist was but they are amazing!
Of course, I LOVE elephants.
Here's some elephant love from my daughter.
She entered this in the Run for the Zoo Competition for 2013 but it was not chosen.  I, of course, think it is much better than the cheetahs that won.  She calls it "winning, together". 

On the frustration front, I spent ALL DAY yesterday trying to figure out how to make a pantograph on my Updated Shirley Stitcher II and found that, unless the design is programmed as continuous, and most are not, it is extremely difficult to make it so.  I am ready to send it back to the store!  So frustrated! 
In the time I spent trying and failing and not getting ANY stitching done, I could have finished the quilt with a hand guided panto. 

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