Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Goodness

Yes, it should be pictures of fabric but I just don't have that to show right now so I have to go to the next best thing...
Visions of Valentine's Dancing in my head...Who would make the perfect Valentine for me???
Thor- yes, Thor!  But it has to be Chris Hemsworth as Thor and he has to be Thor- no good without that sexy armor and that electric and all powerful hammer.

 Dean Winchester-needs no further explanation.  Even my daughter agrees with this one and we agree on NOTHING else.

 Johhny Depp
In any and all of his personalities!
 Did you know that he has my daughter's name tattooed over his heart? (just happens to be the name of his daughter to but...pretty cool for my Lilly Rose-oh, wait this is another thing we agree on!)
 Yes!  All of his personalities!  Especially when he is lamenting the loss of all his rum!
 When I first met my husband and he found out I thought that Jean Luc Picard was one of the sexiest men alive, my husband stopped coloring his grey.  I could listen to this man's voice every moment!
 This man is totally dreamy, even in prison "blues".  Anna is a lucky, lucky girl!
And, the woman that captured this man is truly living a dream! He is handsome, funny, a great Dad, supports my quilting habit and lives with my mess...oh, wait...THIS IS MY GUY!  He knows I would give him up NEVER!  And for NONE of the above! 
Happy Valentine's Day!

All pictures, with the exception of that last one, are courtesy of a Google search...

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