Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Baby clothes and Hawaii Sunset

I have been working on my Hawaii Sunset quilt in the evenings.  It is slowly coming together.  I am pinning almost every seam while adding those flying geese borders.  Tedious but I want the points to come out well.  I traded blocks with Andee and Amy for these and, while we are all pretty good seamstresses, our flying geese have slight variations in size.  I absolutely love the way this quilt is coming out and am hoping to get it ready for the state fair which means I have to have it ready in JULY!  Better get moving.

Here are a couple of blocks from the baby clothes quilt I am making for a customer.  I think it is coming out very well also!  I now have all thirty 18 inch blocks made.  Need to finish trimming them and get them put together.  This is my priority this week since it needs to be finished by the first week in JULY. 

I think I will be quilting this one with just an all over meander so that I can go around the buttons, and appliques.  It is a very heavy quilt since most of it is flannel and t shirt material that all had to have interfacing added to the back.

 I am also fitting in customer quilting so I am keeping very busy.  Haven't been to the grocery store in a while.  Last night was tuna casserole because Tuna was the only meat in the house :).
And, here is how I began my day today.  I was thinking about going running which I haven't done in about a week and a half but when I got up, I noticed that two toes on my left foot were very sore-must have kicked something yesterday but don't remember.  So, I harnessed up my poodles and we went for a walk in the park.  Oliver, on the left, is gaining way too much weight since he is taking his seizure medicine.  Gotta get him slimmed down a bit. 

How do you like that twisted leash?  They play May pole the whole time we are walking. 
Guess I better get moving on all these July deadlines...
Happy stitching!


  1. LOL....I wouldn't call the leashes twisted....more like "Braided Poodle Parade" :)
    Oooooo! Hawaii Sunset! I was just chattin' with Andee about that one! I need some fabric for the sashing, and then I'm ready to keep working on it. July is your deadline: I'll join you along the way!!! We'll finish-er up together :)

    Happy Tuesday girl :)

  2. Cool! Can't wait to see yours also! I have all the pieces cut, just gotta get sewing.

  3. So cool to see it coming together..I guess I better resign myself to pinning too! Yay for hanging it in a show--great goal!



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