Friday, June 7, 2013

Lobo Basketball Camp

The last six days have been spent at "the Pit" while my son, Alex, was in basketball camp.  It is too far away for me to drive home and then back to get him.  I got some binding done while I was sitting there.

He had a blast.  I love the look on his face here as he is shooting.  I am pretty sure I have made that face during certain quilt projects.

Here he is with his number one hero, Hugh Greenwood, Point Guard.  He was so nice the whole time, patting Alex on the back and giving high fives, telling him he was rooting for his team.  What a great ambassador to the sport.  Very encouraging for my Alex who hasn't had much luck with community basketball teams.  He always ends up on the losing team.  Not during this camp though, his team did really well throughout camp.

Here is his other hero from the team, Alex Kirk who is from Los Alamos, where I was born and raised.  Kirk is 7 feet tall and plays center.
Love this picture of Alex squared!
Kirk was so very nice and helpful throughout the camp also!  My Alex had a great time! 

Alex is just in awe of these two so it is really cool that he got to spend six days with them. 

Can I get a Howwwllllllllllll?

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