Sunday, June 2, 2013

Longarm Practice

I have been getting a lot done this week!  Two full days were spent on a baby clothes quilt for a customer, and then this weekend I have been practicing my computer and free motion long arm skills.  I am getting better using the Shirley Stitcher.  We may actually be getting to be friends. 
The picture above is of a panel that was designed by Eleanor Burns for Benartex, called "Victory Gardens".
Here is an up close of feathers and a rose design (Shirley) and some free motion meandering (me). 
Up close...
Does anyone recognize this mini quilt.  I shared the pattern for it and its mate a couple of years ago.  I am finally getting them quilted-I know, very sad that it takes me this long.  This one has "Colonial Wreaths"  done by Shirley.  Very simple.
You might be able to see them better on the back...
Here is the mate...difficult to see.
Here is the eagle design that I found at 
You can see it better on the back, along with the hat and drum panto I found as well.
The back...
And, I LOVE this liberty bell.  As you can see, I have some connecting to do on the quilting so that it isn't just floating there.
Now, if the binding fairy would just pay me a visit, I would be in good shape.  I have these three, another mini and my daughter's oriental twin size quilt all waiting for binding.  If I would get my act together, some of them could be going to basketball camp with me this week.  Since the camp is located too far from home to come home during the 3 hours, I will need something to keep me busy.

Now, the work week is starting so its back to customer quilts!  Only 10 more blocks to go in the baby clothes quilt before I can start putting it together- yay!

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