Monday, July 22, 2013

Birthdays- not quilts...

So, the third week in July is always packed full for us,  anniversary and 2 birthdays!
Yesterday we celebrated birthdays for both of my men.

Alex is my baby.  He turned 13 yesterday.  I am really not loving the idea that I have 2 teenagers now but, despite the fact of their age, they are great kids!
He has been asking for donuts for his birthday for about the last 2 months so he got a donut "cake".  He loved it!

Here he is with Mr. Simply Quilted.  He just gets better with age! 

Here's a picture where you can see the tile that was just finished Friday.  We love it! 

You can also see that the long arm has relocated to the down stairs. 
I have a long week ahead of me to get my sewing room back in order upstairs. 

That is my Hawaii Sunset quilt hanging out on the long arm, just showing it off a little.
It still needs a binding and a sleeve since I think it is going to hang on the wall rather than go on the bed.  It depends on if I can get a rod to hold it or not. 
So, July celebrations have now come to a close, the house can get back in order and it is time to think about preparing for...(I know, I shouldn't say it...) SCHOOL!  Just 3 more weeks til they have to go back- yuck!  But I am doing my happy dance because, for at least one more year, I will be homemaking and quilting rather than teaching middle school.  You may find me teaching in a quilting classroom though...:)
Goal:  Enjoy the end of Summer and quilt away!

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