Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Gotta get back to running!

Okay, so, I finally went running today.  It felt really good but I tried really hard not to overdo it.  Only went a little over a mile and a half. 
I still am hoping to make it to a 10K again by May 3rd so here is my plan. 
I have to run 4 times per week!

This week- 20-25 minute runs and maybe 3 miles this weekend 
Week 2- 20 minute runs and 3.5 miles on Sat.
Week 3- 25-30 minute runs and 4 miles on Sat.
Week 4- 30 minute runs and 3.5 miles on Sat.
Week 5- 30 minute runs and 4.5 miles on Sat.
Week 6- 30 minute runs and 5.5 miles on Sat.
Week 7- 30 minute runs and 4 miles on Sat.
Week 8- 30 minute runs and 6.2 miles on Sunday- Run for the Zoo
 That means the 10K  will be a challenge as it was last summer when I ran it in July.  

I am absolutely going to have to start running at about 5:30 in the morning- not just for me but for Jack.  Black poodles get very hot in the sun, very quickly!  It was only 66 degrees outside when I ran today and Jack was already dragging his tongue!  It doesn't help that he refuses to drink water on our runs.  I even carry a little bowl and extra water for him.  It is a waste though because he won't touch it.  

I have not been very motivated to sew lately either.  I just end up being lazy- watching TV or reading.  Maybe my running will give me more energy.

I got a bit depressed today when I was looking at the calendar.  There are still more weeks left between now and summer vacation than there are weeks IN summer vacation! Ugh!

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