Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anniversary Stars Not so Anniversary

okay, my anniversary has come and gone and I do not have the anniversary stars quilt pieced as I had hoped.  I only have about 13 blocks and lots of half square triangles-which I get really bored of piecing.  But I did make some progress on the center of the quilt this morning...

My husband likes the rings made by the center blocks-makes sense since they started out at double wedding ring blocks.  I worked so hard on the measurements for those 9 patch blocks, even drawing it out on graph paper but alas...

there are odd sized blocks in both lower corners of the center.  This is a great example of why I teach History instead of math!
And this is the biggest reason that I DO NOT do Foundation piecing!  Look at all that paper that I still need to pull off.  Someone who loves to use foundations has a lot more patience than I do.

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